14 Feb 2019

Aswara to include Malaysian piano scores in their new exam board

Aswara is planning to propose a new and local music exam board - ASWARA Music Performance Diploma (AMPD). For this, they are going to start with the piano session first.

According to the representative, "The objective of the AMPD exam gives the opportunity to musicians who wish to demonstrate advanced level of playing with good skill, knowledge and understanding of the music performed. In addition, musicians who take this exam can also widen their repertoire study not only in Western countries, but also the music composed in Asia countries."

As part of the effort, Aswara will also help to encourage performance of Malaysian piano works.

MCC is helping Aswara to make their pioneering effort a success so that the music community can get to know Malaysia's many fascinating piano works.

Those interested in having their piano works considered please write in to aclmalaysia@gmail.com by the first week of April.

Celestine Yoong played Ng Chong Lim's Dragonfly
as the set piece for the 2013 Chopin Competition before winning the
Gold playing Mozart Piano Concerto in C Major
in the finals (pic).

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