19 Sep 2016

Celebrating six works by Malaysian women composers

Interweave: to bring together, to marry different strands, to create a fabric of delightful colours. This is the theme of the new CD compilation of six works by Malaysian women composers to be released this month. The CD will be launched at an official press conference in at Komtar, Penang on 4 October, 12.30pm. Venue: Penang Deputy Chief Minister II P Ramasamy's office.

ABOUT THE CD: Women composers have made an indelible mark on Malaysian contemporary music. On this CD, they are shown in all their colourful diversity, from modern art music to ethnic fusion and film, from Western and Indian classical to traditional Malay music to Sabahan folk.

They paint every nuance and mood imaginable, exploding with the exuberance of creation and revelling in the richness of human emotion and experience. This homage is dedicated to all our sisters, who truly hold the key to life and all its wonderful possibilities.


1 Jessica Cho - Five Little Pieces for Piano
2 Adeline Wong - Interweaves for string quartet *
3 Jyotsna Prakash - Sukhi
4 Isabella Pek - Jambatan Tamparuli for orchestra
5 Jessica Cho - Hypnagogic II for chamber ensemble
6 Adeline Wong - Chermin, excerpts from the film score

   - Opening Title / Death of Zara / Nasrin

*world premiere recording

Produced by Jessica Cho 2016 for the Malaysian Composers Collective (MCC)


1 Sep 2016

From Hang Tuah to Hanoi - Raja Mohamad Alif heads to ACL Hanoi

UiTM lecturer Raja Mohamad Alif bin Raja Mohamad Adnan represents Malaysia at this year's ACL Festival's Young Composer Competition in Hanoi. The University of London graduate has submitted a piece called ‘Taming Sari’, based on the historical figure Hang Tuah.

As the composer's programme notes explain: ‘Taming Sari’ is a composition for an ensemble consisting of 7 instruments (Trumpet in Bb, Oboe, 2 violins, viola, violoncello and double bass). 

The Malaysian traditional dagger called the Kris is the main inspiration for the composer to create the piece. Taming Sari is the name of a Kris owned by a legendary Malay warrior named Hang Tuah. Taming Sari is the most well known Kris in Malay literature, it was said to be so skillfully crafted that anyone wielding it was unbeatable.

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