10 Jun 2016

Hardesh Singh turns film music on its head

Who is this "composer and sometime jazz guitarist" whose film music has struck a new chord with movie-makers? Off The Edge in 2006 interviewed Hardesh Singh, composer, musician and record producer, and one of the co founders of the Malaysian Composers Collective.

One quiet evening, a CD landed in my mailbox that changed my life. Opening it, I found a strangely fruity soundtrack called 'Eating Pomeloes from Tokyo to Tamil Nadu Makes My Heart Go Gubra'. Very funny, I thought. The cover parodied Yasmin Ahmad's Gubra, and when I put it on, I was quickly obsessed with its series of quirky songs. Odd little tunes like IC popped into my head at random, and I was humming Malaria as I went about my daily affairs. I had to find a way to stop this - I had to find Hardesh Singh. But who was he?

The Internet wasn't very helpful - according to his blog, he was a 'composer, sound designer and sometimes a jazz musician'. Of course, we know that Hardesh is acknowledged as a talented composer involved in a number of notable Malaysian films like Gubra, Chemman Chaalai and Lelaki Komunis Terakhir (LKT), but little else.

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