21 Mar 2016

Shadows and Sonorities: Adeline Wong's lecture at Yong Siew Toh

Shadows and Sonorities: Drawing Shades of Asia in Composition
by Adeline Wong
Tue, 29 Mar 16
5:30pm, Steven Baxter Recital Studio,
Yong Siew Toh Conservatory, Singapore

Adeline Wong’s involvement in the Malaysian new music scene in the late 2000’s resulted in a number of compositions including Snapshots (2005), Chermin (2006,) Empunya yang beroleh Sita dewi (2007), Longing (2010; revised 2012).

Although her work has no direct Malaysian influences, one can hear its undertones set in western soundscapes. In this presentation, she will discuss some of the influences in her works culminating in her new work for string quartet, Interweaves (2016).

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