1 Nov 2015

Young composer Sayyid takes 'journey of life' to Manila's ACL Festival

KL-born Sayyid Shafiee will represent Malaysia at the young composers competition at the ACL Manila festival that starts on 6 Nov 2015.

Sayyid, who is currently doing his masters at the Birmingham Conservatory, said he is excited to attend the festival as it is a "chance of a lifetime".

The festival also features a number of Malaysian works including Johan Othman's choral work, the five-movement 'the dancing mouse', Ainolnaim Azizol's Meta VI for tape and dancer and CH Loh's 'A Queen, A Mother' for soprano and piano, based on poems by Singaporean poet Paul Tan.

Sayyid is the third Malaysian young composer sent by the Malaysian Composers Collective to represent the country at the Asia Pacific gathering of composers, after Jessica Cho, who won 3rd prize in Taiwan in 2012, and Ainolnaim Azizol, who won 2nd prize in Japan in 2014.

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