9 Oct 2011

Small is beautiful: Young composer Jessica Cho heads for ACL Taiwan 2011

Cho is a young composer with a clear idea of where she wants her music to head, and in just a few years since graduating has honed her voice into a fascinating and original addition to the Malaysian new music tapestry.

In 2008 during the HSBC Young Composers Workshop 08 a delightful piece for flute and piano Rivulet, was selected for a read through during the final night open workshop at KLPac.

Staying under the radar, not much had since been heard from Kuala Lumpur-based young composer and pianist Jessica Cho, until she returned recently from her studies in the UK, like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon.

Jesssica has since written a number of works for small groups, a work for symphonic band and most recently music for the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra's project to accompany the local epic film Merong Mahawangsa.


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