30 Dec 2010

News roundup up till 2010

Here is an archive of the news items up till 2010:

20 Aug 2010
Yair Klartag's Bipolar Disorder wins the 31st Irino Prize, 2010

Yair Klartag, born in 1985, has won the 31st Irino Prize for Chamber-Orchestral composition, 2010 with his 13 minute Bipolar Disorder.

Jury for the year were Joji YUASA, Yori-Aki Matsudaira, Satoshi Tanaka ( Chairman), akayuki Rai , Mari Takano, Masahiro Miwa and Haruyuki Suzuki and Guest jury Yasuaki Itakura.

The world premiere by Tokyo Sinfonietta will take place on its 29th subscription concert on 1 July 2011 at the Tokyo Bunka-kaikan at 7pm.

Malaysian premieres since 1995

Here is a roundup of premieres of Malaysian works at home and abroad. Since the mid-90s Malaysian works have been performed largely abroad...

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