19 Dec 2009

An Indonesian in KL - Insights into KLCMF 09

Our attention towards the city is only towards that which can be seen.
We forget that our ears quietly capture whatever we hear within it.

Last month a contemporary music festival in Kuala Lumpur approached the theme of the city from the angle that is not captured by the eye. The composer, lost in contemplation of the sounds that inhabit the city, manifested in the form of seminars as well as in the works that were presented.

During the three days from 27th to 29th November, the Kuala Lumpur Contemporary Music Festival 09 staged 43 works,  as well as workshops for young composers, five seminars and one panel discussion.

The event was packed with activity, efficiently executed, and at the same time warm and friendly. It was very much unlike big festivals for the elite, in which people feel proud to be included as part of the event for its namesake, but where they really are merely a part of an gigantic anonymous body devoid of intimacy.

Besides being efficient and friendly, KLCMF 09 has another oddity for me as an Indonesian: the interrelatedness of belief. I received an envelope containing my fee as promised, without signature!

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