31 Oct 2009

KLCMF 09: We Built This City

The KLCMF 09 featured three days of non-stop new music explosion in the city of Kuala Lumpur as never heard before. Here is the detailed programme as well as samples of the concerts:

Friday 27 Nov 2009
ensemble mosaik presents
Malaysian voices and their songs of the city
Performed by Ensemble Mosaik
Guests: Nicholas Ong (piano), Ong May Yi (zhong ruan), Muriz Contemporary Trio

The festival opens with a concert of Malaysian composers and their reflections on life in the city, performed by Ensemble Mosaik, a leading German new music ensemble.

Hear the cacophonies of the city in Adeline Wong's Paces, the dichotomies of city life in Ng Chong Lim's Morning Mist. Among others, CH Loh questions the legitimacy of the highrise structures in the city, while Ahmad Muriz escapes the choking Klang Valley smog for some refreshing sea breeze.

The concert features a Special Festival Commission from Tan Zi Hua, winner of the HSBC Young Composers Workshop 08 with his constantly thought-provoking inspirations. We Built This City will be an evening of kaleidescopic sounds, and includes collaborations with gamelan, zhong ruan and a myriad of sounds familiar or frightening.


1 Oct 2009

Of Prophets And Bandits - Interview with Slamet A Sjukur

Father of Indonesian contemporary classical music Slamet Sjukur speaks candidly about Tari Pendet and life in general.

Malaysians (or at least some Malaysians) may hold the view that our great nation is superior to our neighbour, and possible ancestor, across the Straits, but one only has to look at the music scene to know that this couldn't be further from the sad truth. I am not talking about Gamelan, because to do so would only bring further embarrassment to ourselves, but of the contemporary classical music scene. While we were still struggling with putting joget and keronchong into orchestral dress, one Indonesian pioneer was already making the archipelago known amongst the ranks of the Paris avant-garde in the 70s.

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