5 Feb 2008

Making History: Behind the scenes of Faith, hope and chaos

Making history: how Malaysia's first ever new music anthology began

Over the past decade I have been writing about music composed by Malaysians. It was never an easy task - in the mid 90s information about Malaysian composers was practically non-existent. We did not have a visible contemporary music scene, and at the time any composer who was active was either being performed abroad, as in the case of Valerie Ross, or working in the quiet seclusion of their own inner circles, for example Razak Abdul Aziz.

My first encounter with a Malaysian work happened quite by accident, when i was invited to attend a rehearsal of the amateur chamber group the Camerata, led by oboist Joost Flach. Amidst the standard baroque repertory the band suddenly played a work recognisably non-Western, I later learnt it was an original composition by one of the Camerata members. That was, for me, the highlight of the evening.

1 Feb 2008

An act of faith: M'sia's first contemporary music anthology

The February 08 issue of Off The Edge magazine is a special occasion for Malaysian music, as for the first time in our history a CD anthology of Malaysian compositions will be freely available to our fellow Malaysians.

Find out more about the project, and and learn more about the individual tracks. Included is additional information that we were unable to include into the CD booket and the Off The Edge editorial feature, a sort of "making of" feature about this long and difficult journey that we'd like to share.

Malaysian premieres since 1995

Here is a roundup of premieres of Malaysian works at home and abroad. Since the mid-90s Malaysian works have been performed largely abroad...

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